Natasha Verbsky

Financial Advisor

Natasha oversees the Comprehensive Financial Planning, Strategic Implementation, and Investment Advisory Services for Legacy Financial Advisors. Responsible for developing processes to help clients attain and maintain financial security, Natasha embodies the firm’s values of integrity, trust, and commitment.


Natasha began her career as a Financial Advisor in 1999, upon completion of her education at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX. She quickly became one of the top financial planners at a financial services firm that has a world-wide presence. In 2009, Natasha left this firm to help launch Legacy Financial Advisors – an independent financial planning firm, not influenced by proprietary products, that offers objective, client-centered advice.

Natasha’s approach to helping clients begins with the development of a comprehensive financial plan that is customized to each client’s unique situation. In addition to helping clients identify and develop a strategy to help achieve their financial goals, Natasha works with clients to monitor progress and make adjustments where needed. She believes that financial planning is ongoing and that strategies need to be updated as circumstances, markets, needs, and risks change.
Natasha understands the importance and impact of financial security and protection in life. Her client relationships are long-term. This allows her to help clients through every phase of their lives as well as to provide support in times of change or need.
Natasha is an active member and volunteer of Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, TX. She lives in McKinney, TX with her husband Doug and two children Samantha and James Douglas.
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